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How Long Do Commercial Boilers Last?

A commercial boiler can last anywhere from 15-25 years, depending on several factors. The type of boiler, its usage, and how well it is maintained play a vital role in its lifespan. By following regular maintenance practices, you can help extend the lifespan of your boiler and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

How Much Does a New Boiler Installation Cost in Scotland [2023]?

How Much Does a New Boiler Installation Cost in Scotland [2023]? Most areas in Scotland experience harsh, cold weather throughout the year. So, it is highly essential for Scottish homes to have reliable heating systems that would provide them with adequate heating and hot water at all times. If your boiler at home is breaking [...]

Boiler Efficiency Ratings – What They Mean and Why They Matter

It is highly essential to purchase an efficient new boiler to save up on fuel expenses. But how do you measure which boiler is the most efficient? It’s simple; through Boiler Efficiency Ratings by the ErP. Do you need clarification about what it is? Do not fret. We will help you understand how boilers are rated according to their efficiency and which boiler is right for your home.

Gas Central Heating System vs Electric Radiators: Which Is Best for Heating Solution in Glasgow?

Living in Glasgow, you know all too well the importance of having a reliable heating system. But with so many options available, it can be hard to decide which one is best for your home. Should you go with gas central heating or electric radiators?

The Future of the LPG Boiler: Will It Be Phased Out?

In this blog post, we will explore the future of LPG boilers and whether or not they will be phased out. We will also discuss the pros and cons of this potential change and what it could mean for homeowners across the country.

System Gas Boiler VS Combi Gas Boiler: Which Is The Best?

When it comes to choosing a gas boiler, there are two main types to choose from: the system gas boiler and the combi gas boiler. Both have their pros and cons, so which is the best for your home? Keep reading to know which one is perfect for you.

When to Replace My Boiler? A Complete Checklist

Are confused if your gas boiler needs to be replaced? Let’s help you reach a decision. There are several reasons for a boiler replacement. Check if your situation falls under one of them. See if you need to replace or repair your boiler.

Why Conventional Gas Boilers Have Become Obsolete?

As we all know, over the years there have been many changes in the way we heat our homes. In particular, the use of conventional gas boilers has seen a sharp decline in recent years. Here are five reasons why conventional gas boilers have become obsolete.

What To Do If Your Gas Boiler Stops Working: A Guide

If your gas boiler stops working, you should first try to determine the problem if it’s a lack of fuel, a pilot light going out, etc. If you can’t determine the cause of the problem, you should call a professional to help you diagnose and fix the issue.

8 Tips for Efficient Gas Boiler Installation

Are you planning to invest in a gas boiler? Before hiring a gas engineer, here are five things you should know to make sure efficient and proper gas boiler installation in Glasgow. Keep reading to find more heating solution installations.