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Underfloor Heating in Glasgow

What can be more pleasant than the feeling of a warm floor? Your pets definitely know it, and so will your feet in the middle of those cold autumn nights or a deep Scottish winter. Underfloor heating in Glasgow represents one of the most modern and convenient ways to warm a home.

It basically represents an energy-efficient method to warm a home through its floors. Underfloor heating can be provided using either electric heating or with piped water systems.

Electric systems utilize electrical wires to produce the heat, while the water ones use hot water pipes that are embedded in the floor.

Even though electric systems are less expensive to set up and to acquire, in the long term, water systems are considered to be less expensive to operate and more suitable for larger spaces.

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Why Choose Underfloor Heating in the Glasgow Area?

Many households choose this type of heating because of numerous advantages, such as:

  • Ultimate comfort: the heat is generated from the floor, without having to reserve space for massive radiators. Moreover, the heat is distributed evenly, on a constant basis, around every part of the room. Besides, we all love a warm floor when we step out of the bathtub in winter.
  • Energy-efficient: it is able to heat larger spaces than individual radiators, consuming less energy than those. Also, they function at a lower temperature, which all results in smaller energy bills.
  • It adds to the selling value of a property: underfloor heating is seen as a luxury asset when selling property. It is a modern luxury heating method that adds value and attracts more wealthy clients to a property.
  • It has low maintenance costs: this is especially valid for electrical systems.
  • High quality and guarantee: usually, underfloor heating systems have a very long, even a lifetime guarantee. These systems utilize high quality materials and modern control systems that provide the ultimate comfort and cost efficiency.

Customer Reviews

Second time we have used them. Both times they can same day and installed our new air source heat pump in the middle. They gave an honest assessment of the cost and expected lifespan of the pump. Both times were professional and did a good job. Highly recommend Glasgoe Boiler Fitters Ltd.
Tyson Espino
Tyson Espino
Very friendly and professional. The boiler needed a replacement part, which they got the same day to come back and finish the repair. Fair price. Happy Customer. Thanks.
Joseph Hunter
Joseph Hunter
Replaced our old electric storage heaters with a gas combi boiler. Work was done on time with the house left in a good state.
Giuseppe Taouss
Giuseppe Taouss
New Ideal boiler installed with larger pipes. Much better water pressure than before. Recommended.
Lucy Johnstone
Lucy Johnstone
New Boiler installed for the best price we found. Happy to recommend.
Edward Strutt
Edward Strutt
Replaced our system boiler and radiators within a week of the quote. A satisfied customer
Courtney Hill
Courtney Hill
We called for a new boiler but in the end, a cheap repair was all that was needed. Thank you!
Our boiler was fitted on the same day we called. Friendly professional engineers. 5 stars *****
Sophie Langan
Sophie Langan
Had our old boiler replaced with a new combi boiler. No problems and the house was left clean and tidy. 10*
Fiona Ritchie
Fiona Ritchie
Boiler repaired within 3 hours of calling. Happy customer.
Riyah Ilyas
Riyah Ilyas

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How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

In simple words, underfloor heating is set up as follows:

  • The floor must first be very highly insulated and prepared so that the heat put into the floor isn’t just loft into the ground or airspace below the floor.
  • Once the insulation layers are laid the correct base (tracking) for the pipe system being used must be laid.
  • Tubes are usually plastic and are laid to evenly cover the floor. They are then connected with a distribution manifold that is especially designed for the floorspace and flow rate required.
  • Then, pipes are placed where the warmth is necessary. They must be distributed at even distances from each other to make sure they produce even heat.
  • The pipes are then covered with concrete or finished screed.
  • You can then tile over the area to your design
  • Afterwards, the flow pipes have to be connected to the supply modules. The valves can be adjusted manually or by using a thermostat as part of the home heating controls.
  • The manifold is also comprised of connecting modules, end modules, air vents, and so on. It does not need supplementary fittings and it is rapidly assembled.

We install these systems in our area quickly, reliably and at low costs. If you need further details on underfloor heating systems in Glasgow, we kindly ask you to contact our friendly staff at Glasgow Boiler Installations.

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