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24 hr Emergency Plumber Glasgow – Emergency Boiler Repair Glasgow

Our emergency boiler repair Glasgow emergency plumber are ready and waiting
Our local emergency plumber in Glasgow aims to respond as quickly as possible to any emergency plumbing situations in Glasgow, 24 hrs a day. Whether it is a burst water pipe or an emergency boiler repair in Glasgow, we know the stress and inconvenience it causes.

We will get to you as quickly as possible to stop water from damaging property further or getting hot water and heating back on in a home or business.

24/7 Emergency Plumber Glasgow: Our Glasgow emergency plumbers are experienced and are all trained gas safe registered engineers so we can handle most situations that come up.

If you need help now just give us a call and we will let you know how quickly we can get to you. Wherever possible we will reschedule to be able to reach plumbing & boiler repair emergencies within hours.

  • If your boiler breaks down,
  • if you have a water leak that you cant shut off or
  • if you smell gas from a possible leak

then check the Gas Safe Website & call us quickly and we’ll be with you as soon as possible.

Emergency Boiler Repair Glasgow

Call a 24-hour emergency plumber on: 0141 280 67 35

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Emergency Plumber Serving Greater Glasgow

Whether is a drip leak from a radiator or a gushing fountain from a mains pressure water pipe we can help. Our experienced plumbers can come to the rescue for most plumbing problems and we will aim to be there as soon as possible.

All of our emergency plumbers are trained Gas Safe Registered engineers so if the problem is linked to a boiler you are in safe hands.

If a boiler or gas is involved please don’t try to fix anything yourself but you can often make the situation safe until we get there by turning off the main gas and water inlet valves into the property.

Customer Reviews

Mus fixed my boiler on very short notice(same day). Friendly service, 100% recommended. My system is 20+ years old, so agreed on getting a new one. A week later Mus removed my old boiler and installed a new one at a great price. Could not recommend enough. All completed with no mess or disruption. 23/11/23.
Dave Davey
Dave Davey
A genuine father-son duo who put customer satisfaction first. Loved their friendly approach. Thanks!
Aimee Miller
Aimee Miller
As a senior citizen, it's hard to find trustworthy folks. Mus was a gem. He explained everything patiently and ensured my home was warm again.
Ryan Mitchell
Ryan Mitchell
What can I say? The quick response of this team to what I thought was a minor issue may well have saved my life. When they found out that my boiler was scorched throughout inside, they made time to replace it the very next day - and in the process, found that the gas valve was leaky. Their calm and professional handling of the situation quickly resolved these problems. They also showed a rare level of respect and understanding regarding my disability. I wish more service providers were this good!
Jennie Kermode
Jennie Kermode
Called at 9pm at night due to a broken Boiler. They came round the next day and installed a brand new system for us. Fast, reliable and great quality work and also very friendly and made us feel comfortable having them in our home. Linda X (Paisley)
John Ibbotson
John Ibbotson
Called with a boiler issue and Mus and his team were super helpful. Turns out I needed a new boiler due to various faults/wrong installation with my old one. Got the new boiler installed within a matter of days. Clean, tidy, on time and good value for money. Fully recommend Mus and his company.
Anne Robertson
Anne Robertson
Mus and his son were great! Such a quick response and the installation was done with no issues. We had a very old boiler which made the job much harder for them but they worked so hard and we are so happy with it. Would 100% recommend!
Thank you so much for the wonderful new Boiler you installed today - Excellent Service, Excellent cost and you guys are really Friendly - here's to a long future 😉
Aileen Baird
Aileen Baird
I had an issue with my boiler not heating and received instant help with great support! Will definitely use again and recommend to everyone!!
João Pedro Ferraz
João Pedro Ferraz
Called Mus to advise of a boiler breakdown. He was able to diagnose over the phone and talk me through how to resolve immediately. Thanks to him again!
Craig Ramsay
Craig Ramsay

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Emergency Plumbing in Glasgow? What Should You Do If you have a Water or Gas Leak?

If you have an emergency plumbing issue in Glasgow like a water leak the first thing you should do is turn of the main water inlet valve to the property.

If you think there is a gas leak switch off the main gas inlet value to the property.

  • Open any windows you can to air the property and do not switch on any light stitches or electrical appliances.
  • Then get out of the property and
  • Call an emergency gas engineer straight away
  • Do not attempt to fix the boiler or any gas work by yourself. This is extremely dangerous, as well as being a risk to the future safe functioning of the unit.

We will come to see you as quickly as possible after you calling us and will make safe and fix the problem as soon as we can. Often any spare parts needed will be with us in the van but occasionally a special replacement spare part may be needed. If possible we will always try to source it and fit it the same day. If a boiler is beyond repair then we can quote the cost to install a new one and will aim to carry out the boiler replacement as soon as possible.

What we provide for our customers:

  • Local Gas Boiler and Central Heating Experts
  • Fully Trained Engineers
  • Gas Safe Registered
  • Quick Call-Out and Fast Work
  • Homeowners & Landlords
  • Private Dwellings & Social Housing
  • We Lay dust sheets and keep your property clean
  • Fully Insured


Why call an emergency plumber?

If ye’ve got a plumbing emergency, it’s important tae call an emergency plumber pronto. They’re professionals who can quickly respond tae and resolve urgent plumbing issues, like burst pipes, overflowing toilets, or a sudden loss o’ hot water. If ye don’t get these problems sorted pronto, they can cause a lot o’ damage tae yer property. But wi’ the help o’ an emergency plumber, ye can get the problem fixed quickly and easily.

How do emergency plumbers work?

Emergency plumbers work by responding tae urgent plumbing requests and offering prompt, reliable plumbing services. They’re available 24/7, so ye can contact them any time o’ the day or night if ye’ve got an emergency. When ye call an emergency plumber, they’ll come oot tae yer property quickly, take a look at the problem, and provide a comprehensive solution. They’re equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise tae handle any plumbing emergency, and they work quickly and efficiently tae ensure that yer problem is resolved as soon as possible.

What warrants an emergency plumber?

If ye’ve got a plumbing issue that poses an immediate risk tae yer property or safety, that’s when ye should call an emergency plumber. Examples o’ plumbing emergencies include burst pipes, gas leaks, overflowing toilets, sewage backups, and a sudden loss o’ hot water or heating. Basically, if yer plumbing issue requires immediate attention tae prevent further damage or harm, then ye need tae call an emergency plumber pronto.

Do emergency plumbers come out at night?

Aye, emergency plumbers are available 24/7 and can come oot at any time o’ the day or night. Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, and it’s important tae have access tae reliable emergency plumbing services. This way, ye can get the problem fixed as soon as possible and have peace of mind knowing that yer property and family are safe.

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