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New Boiler Installation Cost in Scotland [2023]?

Most areas in Scotland experience harsh, cold weather throughout the year. So, it is highly essential for Scottish homes to have reliable heating systems that would provide them with adequate heating and hot water at all times.

If your boiler at home is breaking down frequently or you are moving to a new place that does not have a heating system you need a new boiler installation right away.

But the most important thing about getting a new boiler is how much does a new boiler installation cost in Scotland in 2023. Only then you can prepare for the boiler replacement and see what fits in your budget.

Keep reading to find out new boiler prices in Glasgow:

Factors Affecting Boiler Installation Pricing in Scotland

A new boiler cost is not a small amount. So, you need to be sure where you are spending your money. Here’s a breakdown of the factors that will affect the boiler cost in Glasgow:

Type of Boiler

The cost of the boiler varies from brand to brand and also depends on the fuel it runs on. A Worcester or Baxi boiler costs higher than Navian and Vokera boiler due to the appliances’ performance and of course, the brand’s popularity plays some role.

Boiler Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of a boiler depend on your house and your hot water/heating needs. A 28kW as boiler would be enough for your one bedroom, one bathroom house and would cost £1500.

On the other hand, for a four bed, four bath house a 54kW boiler would be sufficient. It would cost you at least £2800.

Complexity of Installation

A straight system-to-system swap and combi-to-combi swap costs a little less than a combi-to-system and system-to-combi conversion. And if your pipe work needs to change because of the different sizes of the boiler then it would cost you an additional £150.

Existing Infrastructure and System Upgrades

If the boiler doesn’t fit properly in the specified space then a little bit of change in the infrastructure would be needed. That would of course cost you more than a simple boiler installation in Glasgow.

Now that you know what would affect the boiler costs let’s look into what you need to see before buying a boiler.

What to Consider When Choosing a Boiler?

Here’s what to consider when you are looking to buy a boiler in Glasgow:

Efficiency ratings and energy savings

The most important thing when getting a new boiler is energy efficiency. The boiler in the UK is graded from A+ to G; A+ being the highest in efficiency and G means being the lowest. When replacing your boiler, make sure you get an A-rated boiler.

An A-rate boiler has an efficiency of more than 90%. That means you would be saving a good amount on your energy bills and carbon emissions would also be low. So, you would be doing good both in your pocket and in your environment with a more efficient boiler.

Warranty and after-sales support

Check for the boiler’s warranty offered by the boiler brands you choose. Some brands provide a manufacturer’s warranty of 5-7 years while some expensive ones may provide 10-12 years of warranty on a boiler.

If they are offering after-sales support then that’s a big plus.

Compatibility with existing systems

Compatibility with existing systems is a crucial factor to consider when installing a new boiler in Scotland. For example, if you have a traditional vented heating system, it may be more compatible with a regular boiler rather than a combi boiler.

A qualified engineer will be able to provide you with better advice regarding a new boiler.

Tips to Save Money on Boiler Installation in Scotland

Now that you have gotten a new boiler, you would want to know how can you keep it at its best to make the most out of your investment.

Here’s how you can save money on a new boiler installation in Glasgow, Scotland:

Research and compare quotes

When you need a new boiler installation, you would have to hire a qualified gas engineer in Glasgow. The best approach is to research the boiler installation companies first. Check out their profiles on Google, Yell and Yelp, and see who has got good ratings and reviews.

Then shortlist three to four boiler companies, take quotes from them and compare who is the best for your budget and is closer to your place.

Take advantage of government schemes and incentives

See if you are eligible for any government schemes or incentives. Scotland’s government has a number of schemes to help people retrofit their homes and switch to more efficient heating solutions. You can find out about them here.

Opt for energy-efficient models

As discussed earlier in this blog, the more efficient your boiler is the more you would save on your energy bills. Therefore, we highly recommend you switch to a more efficient boiler in Glasgow.

Regular maintenance and servicing

Regular maintenance of your boiler keeps it at its best and elongates the life of your boiler and the heating system. A well-kept boiler can survive for 15 to 20 years without any major need for repairs.


How much is a new boiler on average in the UK?

A new boiler can cost you anywhere between £1500 and £2800 depending on the boiler brand, size, capacity and fuel.

Can I get a new boiler for free in Scotland?

If not completely free, you can get benefit from the government’s scheme for a new heating installation. To check your eligibility, visit the gov’s website or contact your nearest gas engineer for advice.

Is it worth getting a new boiler UK?

If your boiler repair is costing heavily on your pocket or it keeps breaking down frequently then it would be worth getting a new boiler in the UK.
And upgrading to a more efficient boiler will help reduce energy-saving bills.

Is replacing a boiler a big job?

A boiler replacement takes 5-7 hours and can be easily completed within one day whether you need a small boiler installation or a large boiler installation.

How long does a UK boiler last?

A boiler can last up to 20 years if it is well-kept and serviced at least once a year in Glasgow.

Is it cheaper to get a new boiler?

Yes, it is cheaper to get a new boiler if you are spending hundreds of dollars in repairs every now and then. The saving on energy bills will be the cherry on the top.

How long does it take to put a new boiler in the UK?

Not very long. It would take hardly 5-7 hours to complete a new boiler installation in the UK.

Should I replace my 25-year-old boiler?

A 25-year-old boiler would be derailing in health, becoming a hazard to you and your family. Plus, a boiler that old would be very unreliable and could end up in a huge breakdown at any time.

Such an old boiler would also be very inefficient and would result in huge energy bills.

At what age should a boiler be replaced?

Although a boiler can last up to 20 years, it’s recommended to switch your boiler in 10 to 12 years and replace it with an efficient one.

Wrapping Up – How Much Does a New Boiler Installation Cost in Glasgow

In this blog, we have covered all you need to new before buying a new boiler and getting it fitted in your home. Now you would know how much does a new boiler installation cost in Glasgow, Scotland.

For more information, contact a local gas engineer and get all your queries answered. You can also reach out to our qualified crew by filling out the form on the website.

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